A Look at Some of the Best Twitter Analytics Tools

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There is absolutely no reason tweeting to the void can be a good idea if you’re going to make good use of free and simple Twitter analytics tools. Whether you’re running an advertising campaign or developing a social networking strategy,. Twitter analytics will help you refine your approach or support your creative ideas. It also makes tracking your audience and followers quite easy. It doesn’t take long to set up your account and start following and interacting with your followers. However, before you start to use Twitter analytics, you need to take a few steps first.


Twitter is a fast paced social media platform where you can easily interact with millions of people around the world. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign or optimize your online presence, you need to understand how Twitter metrics can work for you. The first step in Twitter analytics is being familiar with Twitter itself and what it has to offer. It is best to get a handle on Twitter from its current user base. Once you’re familiar with Twitter, you can then go about learning how to use Twitter metrics to help you track the conversations you’re having on the site and gauge your performance as a brand.


Twitter requires a small amount of knowledge in order to make the most out of it. In order to do that, you’ll need a tool such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a micro blogging website that allows you to host micro-blogs that can perform actions like posting tweets, voting on certain topics and creating profiles. You can utilize a variety of Twitter analytics programs to monitor the content on your profile, which will allow you to identify keywords that are used in the title tags and in the URL for your profile.

How to Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics programs come in two varieties, desktop apps and mobile apps. The desktop app allows you to view your analytics data from within your own computer while the mobile app connects to an external source through Bluetooth or MMS so that you can view your stats on the go. The desktop app is also connected to Google analytics so that you can receive real time stats from a third party source.


Hootsuite does all of the hard work for you and integrates well with popular Twitter clients. It gives us a chance to closely examine how well our social marketing campaigns are performing and what areas need improvement. Hootsuite’s metrics provide detailed information for almost every aspect of our online marketing campaign. The stats that it gives us are easy to read and understand and it can tell us if the keywords. We’re using are working or if we’re losing potential customers every day.


A popular metric that Hootsuite includes is the Hootsuite hashtags ranking. Which lets us know how many times people are talking about a particular keyword. The hashtags ranking will tell us if people are using specific words when they search on Twitter. If the keyword doesn’t appear in the top 100 tweets. Then that could indicate that people aren’t searching for it in the first place. So it can be a good indicator that we should tone down our efforts. That the campaign needs a bit of reworking.

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