Cloning Whatsapp - How to Do it in a Few Minutes

Cloning Whatsapp is the process of copying an instance of a chat room user into another account with absolutely no alteration to the original profile. You can clone whatsapp by logging into the user account you wish to clone. Copy your settings, account name and the text from the message you received. This is called restoring your original account so it should already be set up on your computer before you do anything else.

After you have restored your account. Login to the social networking site and sign in using your original username and password. If you don’t know them use your user name as your username and your original password as your password. Click on the link that says ‘sign up now’ or ‘get your account ready now’. Choose a username and password that are easy to remember for your personal account. Once you have done that click the ‘Submit your Application’ button to register your mobile phone for Cloning Whatsapp.


After clicking the submit button, your username and password will be registered for you. Your user name and password are the only details displayed and nobody else will have access to them. Your application is then stored on their server until you login again. That’s all there is to it. It’s as simple as that!

Why Cloning Wa?

To make sure that you’re doing the right thing, sign up for more than one social network account. You should be able to sign up for a free account at Facebook and a free account at Twitter too. Don’t worry, even if you can’t sign up for these two accounts it doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for them later on. Just use the same user name for all three accounts. When you sign up for the free account just choose a different password than you normally use for the other two.


After you’ve made these changes to your profile and signed up for your three accounts, log into your Facebook account and login to your MySpace account. Click send on the friendship or connections page to return to the main screen. Now you will see a new entry called “Create Account”. Click on this choice and follow the instructions to create your own MySpace or Facebook profile.


Once you have completed these steps, you’re done! Cloning Whatsapp also means you’re done signing up for the service, but another thing you should do is to set your username and password. This step is not mandatory but strongly suggested. If you don’t change the username and password you’ll have no way of contacting other users on the service and if that happens they won’t be able to contact you either.

Professional Tips

You can change your username by going to settings and selecting user names and changing it to whatever you’d like. If you’d rather not change your username, you can input one into the box on the service but you have to specify the phone number first. If you don’t want to use your real name, you can choose male or female and use a new password.


Once that’s done, you’re all set and ready to start using your newly created account on the service provider’s website. It’s recommended you go there first to make sure your username and password are working correctly and that everything looks as it should on the site. If you get to the homepage of the site and everything doesn’t look right, try a search on Google for a solution to your problem. Most problems are easily fixed and won’t take much time at all. After you’re able to sign in to the website and use your account, you should find that it’s actually quite easy and fun to use and most people find it fast and easy to keep using their account.

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