Hotmail Account Registration Tips

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Hotmail is one of the most popular and well known online email accounts. It is free to sign up and you can create as many Hotmail accounts as you want. Once you have registered, you will have a free email address that you can use to access other services such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others. This means anyone with an email address can sign up and access all of the features they have. If you are still unsure about Hotmail or what it can offer, then read on.


The first step to using Hotmail is to sign up for a new account. Once you have entered this information, you can now go ahead and register for a Hotmail account. You will be directed to a page where you can select a plan fee from which you can choose.


When you have completed these steps, then you can sign in by clicking on the “Sign In” link which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Another small window will display with your new user name and password. Before you can log in, you will be asked to verify your current address through a confirmation email sent to your email address.

How to Open Hotmail Account


When you have registered for a Hotmail account, then you can login through any browser by typing the appropriate username and password that you have just entered. If you have forgotten your password, then you can use your regular Hotmail password reset tool to create a new password.


However, if you feel that the number of emails you are receiving are too much. Then you can register your Hotmail account with the help of the Hotmail email account registration page. This is one option where you can create a new email address completely and choose the folders. That you want to store all your email messages. You will be asked to enter the primary and secondary folders, which are helpful in storing your emails in a neat and organized manner. You can also create a lot of subfolders in case you need more storage space.


When it comes to adding attachments to your emails. Then you have the option of changing your user name and folder arrangement. For the attachments to take priority over the other messages. This will allow you to organize all your email messages in a neat manner. However, before you proceed with any of these options. It is important for you to create a new email account. That you can change your user name and folders. Once you have created an account. You will be able to use any of the available tools and methods to transfer your email messages to your Hotmail account. It is also possible to check your Hotmail messages in the main mailbox every day. So you can keep track of your email activities from a desktop computer or laptop.

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