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How to change password Hotmail

Hotmail is the premier e-mail client on the net today, and you need to know how to sign in to your Hotmail account. Many people do not realize how to get a Hotmail account, and they end up getting blocked from it forever. You should not have to deal with problems like that when you can use this article to show you the best way to sign in to your Hotmail account. It is very easy to learn how to do so and here is what you need to do.


The first thing that you want to do is, of course, log in to your Hotmail account. You will have a choice here, and you will probably have a choice of either using your standard email address that you normally sign in with or a totally new email address. Using your regular email address will be preferred since it is very easy to change your password on this account. Make sure that you are in fact able to access your Hotmail account before you change anything else.


Once you are in your account, make sure that you have your profile marked as read. You want to keep your profile completely visible. But do not click on any of the little boxes to the left. There will be a prompt for you to click on read/write. But you need to ignore this prompt and log out of your account. If you have been online for a while, the service may prompt you to sign in again, so you should always remember to log out every time before you change your password. In fact, some people actually prefer to log out each time they get online, since that way, they will be sure that they have remembered their password.

Hotmail Account Login

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Once you are all set and ready to go. You will be able to see the main page of your account. All you have to do is change the password to the one you have just set and enter the new email address. Where you would like to send the files. When you have hit the link, it will ask you a question, so just answer it and then follow the instructions. Changing your password is very important, so do not skip it.


Once you are finished, you will be asked to login to your Hotmail account. Type in your new password and click the “Sign in” button on the main page to gain access to your account. Once you are logged in, you can start changing your password to one of your favorites. Remember the password you just set and do not change it until you are satisfied with it.


Changing your password is one of the best things you can do to keep your account secure. If you have ever had your Hotmail account stolen, you know how important this step can be. By changing it, you can limit any hackers from getting into your account and stealing all your important information. So, make sure to change your password often to keep your Hotmail account safe.

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