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WhatsApp has become an inseparable companion of our smartphones. Many multimedia files come to us or we share them on this social network. The videos, photos, memes and memories of specific dates are WhatsApp, including personal chats and group discussions .

Many of these files are important to you, so today we’re going to teach you how to backup WhatsApp so you can keep them safe.

Backup WhatsApp on Android

It is easy to create and restore WhatsApp backup on Android. You just have to follow the following command line, accessing the 3-dot menu:

  1. Settings ► Chat ► Backup
  2. In Backup you can choose to make a manual copy in Save or choose the automatic copy option in the cloud, synchronizing this action with your Google Drive account (you can also make backup copies in Dropox, Onedrive, etc.)
  3. Choose the most convenient options including the frequency with which you want the backup, the Google account , which is done only when you are connected to WiFi (to save the data) and you can include saving the videos if you wish.
  4. This would be the whole process. In this way, if you lose or change your mobile phone, when you buy another one (keeping the phone line) you will see, after installing WhatsApp, that it will ask you if you want to recover the files found in Google Drive . You have to accept all the steps they ask you to restore all those precious information you had on your old cell phone.

Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

This is a fairly similar process to the previous one, only instead of Google Drive you will have iCloud as an option to perform automatic backups. You need to follow the following command line:

  1. WhatsApp ► Settings ► Chats and calls ► Copy chat ” and then select ” Back up now “. Here you can choose the options for saving the frequency, among others that will depend on your tastes and needs.

In case you need to change your mobile, you will have all the multimedia information and chat history ready to be restored, as soon as you install WhatsApp with your current line on your new mobile.

Backup WhatsApp from PC

This is a simple method to make an external backup without using WhatsApp (ok, if we need to have previously made backup copies in Settings ► Chat ► Backup ). All we have to do is connect our mobile phone to our PC . So let’s follow these steps:

  1. We enter the internal storage folder of our mobile and locate the WhatsApp folder .
  2. We copy and paste this folder on the PC desktop , or simply drag it with the mouse.
  3. That’s it, we already have a backup of all our WhatsApp files, which we can have on a pendrive or save in the cloud. When you need it, you will just have to paste it back to your mobile or another where you do n’t have WhatsApp installed in the internal memory.
  4. When you install WhatsApp you will see that it will recognize that there is a Backup and will ask you to restore it. Follow the steps until a successful reset is complete.

How to Backup WhatsApp Using Google Photos

This is an external way to restore WhatsApp . Keep in mind that it uses data, as it’s not possible for it to work only with WiFi:

    1. Download Google Photos and proceed with opening the application.
    2. Go to the sidebar and tap the Settings menu .
    3. Then go to Backup and Sync to proceed with activating these options.
    4. Select Create backup and sync .
    5. Choose the Google account to activate this feature.
    6. Now choose Create backup copies of device folders .
    7. You will see a series of folder options that you want to save in Google Photos. The options you should choose are those related to WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos .
    8. We recommend that you choose the ” Only sync while charging” option to save battery. If you decide to mark other options such as Photos and Videos ( Use data for backup copies ), you will also save your mobile phone’s photo and video files, which will consume a lot of data, especially videos.

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