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How to Change Your Hotmail Login

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If you are signed up for Hotmail login, you are probably wondering how to sign in. You might even be thinking of trying your favorite social networking site. The good news is that it is easy! First, you will need to know the create new account Hotmail username and password so you can access your account. It is important to remember these things so you can make sure everything goes smoothly.


If you do not already have one, you will need to create one now. On the main page, click on “Accounts,” then go to “Usernames and passwords,” and then enter the information requested. It is a good idea to save the password on a computer as well, because it will need to be entered one time for the account. That’s it!


Once you have the password and username, you can log in using any Hotmail web browser. When you do this, you will see a window with two tabs. The left-hand side has your regular options such as checking your email, set your preferences, or changing your language. The right-hand side has the Hotmail login. Click on this icon to log in.

What is Hotmail Login?

When you get to the homepage, you will see a screen asking for your username and password. Enter them exactly the way they are written, making sure to include a hyphen. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to enter in any additional information such as your birth date. You can also choose whether to use your current name or a new one.


If you have forgotten your username or password, go to your Hotmail login account and access the Help tab. There you will find instructions to create a new Hotmail username and password. If you need more help, there is an online help desk that will be able to help you with any troubleshooting questions you may have. If all else fails, you can file a support request at Hotmail’s Help Desk.


After you successfully set up your Hotmail login, you will need to activate it so that your email account is active. To do this, go to the main menu and click on Account Setup. On the following page, click on the link for activating your account. If you do not see this option, insert your new username and click the activation link. You will then be ready to log in and check your messages.

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