How to Create a New Hotmail Email Address Free

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How to create new Hotmail email address free is a question that thousands of people all over the world are asking each day. If you too want to get a free Hotmail email account then read this article very carefully. You will find out how to register free of charge at Hotmail and receive your own Hotmail email address. This can really be very beneficial for you, because with one email account you can mail with others, chat with them, play online games and much more. Below are the steps on how to create new Hotmail email address free.


First of all you have to visit the Hotmail website, which is located at the bottom of this page in the main menu. When you click on the main menu, you will see that there is an option for choosing which email accounts you would like to create. Choose the “New” option so that you can type in your new email address. If you would like multiple email accounts then you should choose the “Add Email Contacts” option instead.

Why Create Hotmail Email Address Free

create new accounts hotmail
create new accounts hotmail

Next you have to fill in all your personal details, in particular your name, surname, first name, middle name, last name, city, country and birth date. Now you have successfully created new Hotmail email address.


However, if you have already registered an existing Hotmail email account then you have to go back to the main page of your Hotmail account and click on “activate account” or “sign-in”. Follow the instructions given and follow the link which will take you to your profile page. You will find your name, profile picture, email address and a summary of the changes that you have made. You have now successfully created new Hotmail email addresses.


If you are looking for other ways to create new Hotmail email address. Then you can also use your social security number (or your SSN) to log into your Hotmail email account. This method is known as SSN-to-Email. When you enter in your SSN. You are directed to a web page where you can create a new Hotmail email account. If you are looking for a completely free method of creating new Hotmail email accounts. Then try using the webpages that offer you the chance to sign up for an account without giving you your credit card details.


Creating a new Hotmail email address is actually very easy. The internet has made it much easier to create new email addresses. Because there are so many free Hotmail email address providers available out there. If you want to create a new email address. But don’t know how to go about it then you should try a free Hotmail email address provider like the one at the end of this article. You will learn how easy it is to create new email addresses by using your favourite search engine.

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