How to Create a New Outlook Email Address

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There are so many services online these days offering how to create new outlook email address, but they are not always trustworthy. Many of them are only available for a few dollars or so and it is very easy to become ripped off. It’s very scary if you get caught in this situation. But the good news is that there are ways to protect yourself. You need to be careful when you pick a site to sign up with.

I remember a time when I needed to create new outlook email address urgently. It was during the holiday season and I had forgotten my password.

I went to the internet to find how to create new outlook email address.All I got was lots of useless information. There were services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and so many others. But none of them gave me any good information on how to create new email address.

I Want To Create A New Outlook Email Address

That was when I decided to search the net for information. I could hardly believe how helpful I found most of the answers on how to create new outlook email address. It was really quite surprising. So I took everything that I read into consideration. Created a totally new email address with Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and others.

The worst part was that I could not read any of these emails. I even tried to send a test email. But I received a message stating that the recipient of the message could not see your email. I immediately asked for assistance on how to create a new outlook email address. The person who helped me explained to me that there was another way how to create a new outlook email address.

Create New Outlook Email Address

The easiest way how to create a new outlook email address is to use the free Microsoft exchange software called Outlook Express. You can download this software at the link below. When you download this software, it will install into the computer in the same way as other programs. Then you can run this software from the control panel by clicking on “Start”, then “Run”. You will then be taken to a page where you can click on. “Run” and type in the command you want to run the Outlook Express software.

After you complete the above task.You will need to fill in the details for the contact info such as name, address, phone number, etc. Once you have done so, you should then click “OK”. It will then ask you if you want to save this email in the folder that it has found for you, or you can click “No” if you want to save it locally. Finally, you should then click “OK” to save this email address and your changes have been saved!

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