How to Create Account on Hotmail For New Users

How to change password Hotmail

Do you need to create an account on Hotmail? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article I am describing how to create a Hotmail account. If you are planning to use Hotmail for business purpose, then please follow these steps carefully.


If you do not know how to create an account on Hotmail, then please refer to the following instructions. To create a Hotmail account, go to the following link and enter the following information. First name or initial user name is “user”, Last initial or name is “staff”. You can read our new hotmail account article if you want.

How to Setup Account on Hotmail


After inserting all the information required, click on the Next button. On the following page, click on the Create Password option. This will create a new password. Choose a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by any kid. Please choose a password that can’t be accessed by any third person.


When you are creating a Hotmail account, you will receive a verification email from Microsoft. You will receive further verification emails as you create more email addresses. Follow the next step to create an account on Hotmail. Again, click on the Next button.


Once you are ready to create an account, you will be required to enter your first name, last name and primary user name. After you complete entering all the required information, click on the Save tab. Now you are all set to create a Hotmail account. Once you are all done, you will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft. Click on the Confirm button to proceed to the next step.

How to Make Account on Hotmail


To create an account on Hotmail, you will be required to log-in to the Hotmail website. If you have previously registered with Microsoft email address, then you can create a password. Otherwise, you will be required to create a new user name. Once you have successfully created account, you will receive an activation email from Microsoft. The activation email is used to set up your Hotmail account.


Sign-in using your primary user name or your Hotmail username. If you wish to create a password for your account, click on the Create Password link. Type the desired password and click on the Save button. Your account is now ready for use. You can check your messages regularly by clicking on the Check For Sent Items link. You can change your password at any time by clicking on the Change Password link.

Why I Should Open a New Hotmail Account


To access Hotmail on your PC, you can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you need additional help, you can use Windows Live Support. On the support page, you will find FAQs, solutions, tips and tutorials. There are also helpful links that can help you create an account on Hotmail and use it easily. By following these steps, you can easily create password-protected Hotmail accounts.


First of all, you have to go to the section where you will set up your email account. When you have finished this step, you will see a page with a Microsoft Account sign-in form. Click on the Create Account button. A password will be asked on the next page.


You can select any of the account type - Hotmail, Outlook, My Yahoo, Gmail etc. and create a password for it. When you have completed this step, you will see the create account button. Click on it and follow any onscreen instructions or prompts.

Benefits of Hotmail Account

Hotmail provides the ability to create two-factor authentication. This is a great feature of Hotmail for businesses. You can create a special password for your Hotmail account and use it for other online accounts as well. Once you create a password, you can create one-way authentication as well. You can create a password and then use that same password when you log in to other websites. If your account gets hacked, you can create passwords and use those when you want to log into various online sites.


Another option available to you is the option to create multiple user account. You can create a user name and a password and make use of that for all the different online accounts you create. So, you can create an account for your business on the website, create passwords for different user names and then log into those different accounts from the main Hotmail website. So, if you are someone who needs all these features and benefits, you can create an account on Hotmail at the website and then log into those websites from there. This is how you can secure your Hotmail account and make sure your personal and financial information is safe.

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