How to create account Twitter

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How to create account Twitter
How to create account Twitter

Hello there, in this short article we will certainly explain carefully and also highlight How to develop account Twitter. If you wish, we will certainly begin today. We will explain in Illustrated as well as detailed just how to do this for you. All you have to do is follow the specified actions.

How to create account Twitter

  • From your PC, you will have to follow some very simple steps, in which you basically have to fill out forms that ask for different personal information. Now, we present all the steps, in order:
  • Start by entering the main Twitter site from your browser. If you have not done so, we leave you the link:
  • Being inside the platform, search and press the registration box. You will be guided in a registration process, putting in different boxes specific data such as name, surname, email (preferably to which you have frequent access), a telephone number, and a password.
  • If you choose the way to register by mail, you will receive a message to your inbox, in which you will follow some simple instructions for verification. If you choose the phone number path, then you will receive an SMS with a verification code.
  • You will finish setting up the account by creating the username that you will have within the platform. Twitter will be in charge of telling you if the proposed name already exists, until you hit a new one for the community.

Create the Twitter account via Mobile

In the case of the mobile account, you must follow the same steps, with the difference that you will have to download Twitter as an app, to give the social network a more practical use. Look for it in the App Store or Play Store, depending on whether you have iOS or an Android. Follow the steps:

  • Open the Twitter app once installed.
  • Click on “register“.
  • Continue from step 3 of the previous section.

Tips when choosing a username The username is an identity within Twitter, in the sense that followers and other people will see you under the name. Think carefully about what you want them to see: Here are some useful tips in this regard: Remember that your username will not be the nickname that identifies you, but is the reference for followers to highlight you at the time of a mention, a Re tweet or a response to tweets or direct messages. Your Twitter profile page will have your username in the URL. Think about the presentation of the link before putting together the name in question. Through the Twitter settings, you can change your username whenever you like, as long as it is available. Names should not contain words like “Twitter” or “admin”, to avoid brand confusion. Remember that your name can be up to 15 characters long.

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