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How to Create Blog Account With WordPress


It’s so easy to create blog accounts to reach thousands of people across the world and increase our visibility online. It’s very easy to do, especially when you use WordPress. There are three ways to create a blog account: To make a regular “normal” blog, sign up for a premium (paid) account and add your own comments. You can also make a totally unique personal blog with just your own words. You must have a hotmail account or gmail account.


The first way is to just sign up for a free account. This will give you a basic place where you can write about whatever you want. However, this does not give you any real authority or ability to interact with others. You will not have any keywords that automatically rank in search engines. And you cannot post new content, or even edit your existing posts.

What is Create Blog Account


When you create a blog account with WordPress you get a customized dashboard with links to your sidebars, your main page and your contact list. You will also be given an option to create a widget that appears right next to your header, and a menu that will pop up when you click on a certain section of a post. This makes it easier for people to navigate through your blog. If you just want to say something, type something, upload an image or video and post it, then WordPress makes this easy.


The second way is to sign up for a paid (subscription) account. With a paid account you can create custom blogs that have custom sidebars. Are linked to your email list and even have access to a “dashboard”. There is also a more advanced “Pro” version of WordPress, which gives you more options such as showing a map or stats. For a subscription it’s important that you create a username and a password. Some people think that their “first name” is enough but it’s not and people have been caught out.

Professional Tips

Last but not least, use a free service such as WordPress or Blogger. They’re much cheaper and you can make changes and upload images much faster than using a paid service. They also let you have more personal control over your blog by allowing you to change the theme and visual theme of your blog without signing up for an annual membership. So if you’re not sure what color scheme to go with. Can you change it on a whim, then yes, you can.


There are many ways in which you can create blog account your very own blog. But one thing that you must remember is to treat this seriously as you would treat any other website or personal account. There are serious repercussions for messing around with the wrong things. If you do anything to try to alter the structure of your blog you could get hacked and lose all your posts forever. If you want to make money with your blog then make sure you sign up for an account with a paid service. Also make sure you change the content often so you can keep the interest of your visitors up to date.

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