How to Delete Gmail Account

How to Delete Gmail Account

Hello, today we will help you How to Delete Gmail Account. A lot of people have problems doing this process. We also write this article as a guide for you. Gmail is one of the most powerful email services on the Internet, competing with other services such as Outlook or Yahoo for being the best email service provider, although it is inevitable that some users want to delete their accounts at @, either because they want to assign another email to their Google account or because they have tired of all the services that this company offers.

How to delete an email address from Gmail

In case you are considering, you can keep your Google account even if it is linked to a account, being able to add another email and thus have all the services such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Calendar and others without losing functionalities.

How to Delete Gmail Account
How to Delete Gmail Account
  • Go to from your account follow this path My Account > Data and personalization > Delete a service or account> Delete a service from Google .
  • Log in with your Google password to confirm your identity when deleting your account.
  • Press the trash can icon , it appears at the bottom right.
  • Enter the new non-Gmail email to continue using Google’s other products without hassle.
  • Check your email inbox , you will receive a message titled ” Gmail removal confirmation “. Click on the blue link.
  • Confirm in the box “Yes, I want to permanently delete from my Google account” and then click on ” Delete Gmail “.
  • A confirmation will arrive via email of the successful deletion of your account and you will be able to finish the process by pressing «Done».
  • From this moment you will no longer need a Gmail account and you can log in with your new email, leaving the previous one in offline mode, and can be reactivated if you enter from and follow the steps that they indicate.

How to save emails before deleting your account

For those who have many passwords, documents or simply information that they do not want to lose, with a few simple steps you can save and download all that data in a .mbox file , so that you can import it to another email such as Outlook and recover everything that you have received.

  1. Go to to proceed to download these files before deleting your account.
  2. Select Gmail from the list that appears, or other applications if you are interested in keeping your data.
  3. Click on the box on the right and click ” Next step ” at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will be able to choose in which format you are interested in downloading the files with your data .
    • Export type : In a single file or if you want you can download them several times, programming it.
    • File type : Either in .zip or .tgz, depending on the compression method you prefer (to speed up the download in large files).
    • File size : To have everything more organized, if it is something very large you can choose to divide it into several “chunks” or small files.
  1. Click on « Create file «
  2. Wait for the “File Progress” in the bar that will appear below to finish.
  3. When everything is ready, Google will send an email with the link to download the file with your data, you will have 7 days to do so.

Keep in mind that with this you will not have deleted your Gmail, you will only have your information safely.




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