How To Delete The Blog - Learn How To Delete A Blog Easily

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How to delete the blog is a frequently asked question by many blog owners. The problem is that deleting a blog is not as simple as deleting other files on your computer. There are some steps which must be followed to completely remove the entry from your system and make your blog unusable. In this article we will discuss how to delete the blog. First of all let us look at the type of blog you have. If it’s an in-house blog or an external blog hosted on any server.


In case of an internal blog the process of how to delete the blog is not as complex. If the owner has deleted the entire blog then you can just go into your settings and change the settings so that it says “Disabled”, this will prevent the blog from being visible to visitors. You can also go in and change the name of the account that controls the blog, the process of doing this is just as simple as doing it for the account that controls your emails.

How To Delete The Blog

Now the process for removing an external blog is more complicated and requires more steps. The first step would be to remove the link to the blog from any of your web pages. This can be done by using the “aunder” function which is a normal search bar. Typing the words “bestos removal” into the “aunder” box will bring up some of the most appropriate results for removing the link. If you cannot find it, there are other methods which can be used.


Once you have located the option you want to remove the link from then you will need to change the settings on the account to deactivate it. To do this you should go to the “account Settings” area of your WordPress site. Here you should look for the link that you clicked on earlier. Click on the “deactivate” link, which is a red question mark.

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After you have made the change to your account settings. You will not be able to click to deactivate the account, rather it will become disabled. You will however be able to log back in. And remove the link from any page that you are working on. If you do not want to reinstall WordPress and want to remove the deleted posts. You can do this by clicking on the “extract files now” link which is a red button next to the word “Extract”. It may take some time for the changes to take effect but you will see them when you log back in after a few minutes.


How to delete a blog can be done in a few different ways but the steps that I will describe to you will work effectively. Hopefully this article has given you some useful information about how to delete a blog. A blog is a powerful tool with many uses and is a great way to express yourself. It can help you make friends and even find jobs depending on how you use it. If you would like to keep the information on your blog. You can do so by adding an overlay to the text which will retain the original url. This is just one of the many ways of how to delete the blog.

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