How to Deleting Images From My Instagram Account Temporarily (Manually)

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Deleting Instagram account permanently is not something that a lot of people attempt to do for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is because it’s difficult, if not impossible, to erase an Instagram account from your online profile page. While it’s possible to make a social media platform such as Instagram private, it’s not something you can do without going through some sort of process or deletion process. In short, if you would like to remove an Instagram account permanently from your online profile. You will need to go through more than just deleting the pictures, although that’s the easiest and most straight forward way to do it. In a more detailed article. I’ll go over what other steps should be taken in order to fully remove Instagram account.


The first thing you should do when attempting to delete Instagram is to uninstall the application completely from your computer. This step cannot be neglected if you are serious about removing an account. Not only does deleting Instagram mean that you have to delete it from your computer, it also means that you have to uninstall any and all applications and plug-ins that were associated with the program at the time that it was installed on your computer.

Why Deleting Instagram

To get started, deleting instagram start by opening your control panel by clicking on the Start button on the task bar or through the shortcut icon at the bottom right of your desktop wallpaper. Once you are in the control panel, open the add-ons folder that is usually located in c:/customize and click on Instagram. You will then see a drop-down menu for plugins. If you have any installed, uninstalling them will permanently delete the plugin from your Instagram.


Now it’s time to delete the photo or video that you want from your profile. Click on the Edit button next to the photo or video to bring up the editing window. Once you’re in the editing window, you will notice that there are options to either delete instagram, change the background, size, and style of the image or video. Once you have chosen an option, click on the button and choose the Remove button. A progress message will appear on the screen asking you if you wanted to permanently remove the image or video.

Professional Tips

If you would like to delete the image or video permanently. You will need to follow the same steps as described above. But you’ll also want to click on the Options drop-down menu. Here you will find the option to permanently delete instagram the image or video. Again, if you’ve already selected an option to permanently delete the image or video, clicking the Remove button will cause the image or video to disappear from your account. Once you have removed the image or video, the date will appear in the Status Bar. If you have not set a date yet, your account will be closed.


If you have already deleted instagram the image or video and still have the image or video on your Instagram account. The most effective way to remove it is to use Instagram Secret Slide Show Pro. This tool will temporarily disable your account so that you can take the necessary actions to remove it. To use this tool, click the Downward Arrow on the top toolbar to open it. On the Top Bar, click on the Options tab. Next, click on Is This a Temporary Disable and then click on it. The Instagram Secret Slide Show Pro button. Will now appear on your Instagram page so you can activate the pop-up and begin the removal process.

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