How to set up a Hotmail Sign Up Login?

How to change password Hotmail

If you are a Hotmail user and also looking to hotmail sign up login, you might find the following steps useful. First of all, you have to ensure that your email account is active and ready for receiving mails before you can proceed any further. For that, you have to go to the main page and click on “mails.” After that, click on the option “received messages” and then enter the number for which you want to receive a newsletter.


The next step involves the actual process of creating an account. That email address should be one that belongs to you. You may have to use your primary email or one of your primary email addresses to register.

Hotmail Sign Up Login


After that, you will have to fill in a user name for the account that you just created. Once done that, click “Submit” and wait for a while until a verification code is displayed on the screen. It means that your account has been successfully registered. Then, you can proceed to the next step for registering a Hotmail account. That involves the next step in the process of hotmail sign up login.


For that, you have to choose a location where you want to create the Hotmail account. Click on the appropriate “create account” link and you will get a link which you should follow carefully. This link leads you to the page for creating the account. Once you have read the instructions properly, you can proceed to the next step for creating an account.

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For that, you have to enter in the user name that you have chosen in step one of the process of creating an account. The area will fill in for you and give you options to modify what you have entered. The last step is to log in and create your Hotmail account.


Enter in the password and you are done with the process of creating an account with Hotmail. If you are happy with the choice and you wish to continue, then it is time to login to your Hotmail account.

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