How to Setup Microsoft Outlook Live - A Quick Guide

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If you are new to the world of internet marketing, I would suggest that you try Outlook Live. This is the free web app that Microsoft has provided for users of their operating system. When you open it, you are greeted with an autoresponder message, which prompts you to sign in. You will also be able to change your password at any time.


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One of the most useful features of Outlook Live is its calendar. The web app displays your Outlook calendar in real-time, so you can see who has been active and how many meetings have been scheduled. You can sign up for a new account or edit your existing account.


If you choose to create a new account, you will be asked for your login details. The website will ask for your name, which you may have chosen when you created your account. Next, you will be asked for your location, whether you are a Windows Phone device or an iPhone, and what time zone you prefer. Once you enter your information, the website will prompt you to sign in.

What is Outlook Live

On the sign up page, you will be asked to enter your name, which you may have chosen when you created your account. Outlook will prompt you again on how to login if you choose to sign in using another application. The last step is to choose your email address where you want your Outlook Live account to be linked to.


This means anyone can view your messages. However, you will not be able to send messages from this application or read them. You will only be able to view and reply to your friends.


Your account is ready to accept and receive messages from your friends. All you need to do to start the connection is to tap on “Echo Identity” and follow the onscreen prompts. Outlook will automatically add your contacts to the list. This is how you set up an Outlook Live account in the simplest way possible. You can test it out now by creating a free email address and then sending a message to all your Outlook Live contacts.

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