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hotmail login

Hello, today we will help you Outlook / Hotmail: login and enter email. A lot of people have problems doing this process. We also write this article as a guide for you. Gmail is one of the most powerful email services on the Internet, competing with other services such as Outlook or Yahoo for being the best email service provider, although it is inevitable that some users want to delete their accounts at @ gmail.com, either because they want to assign another email to their Google account or because they have tired of all the services that this company offers.

Log in to Outlook / Hotmail from the web or a PC

Outlook / Hotmail has an extraordinary online service, for this reason, most of the users access the mail service through its website using a browser, such as “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave or others” ( from any mobile device or computer). Then, follow the following steps to access from the browser:

hotmail login
hotmail login
  1. Access https://www.outlook.comor https://login.live.com and click on « Login «. In case you had previously logged in, the system will automatically send you to the address of Live.com (the same service) to log in.
  2. Enter your email and press Next.
  3. Enter the password with which you usually access and press « Login «. In case it is your usual device, you can mark «Keep the session started», in this way, it will not ask for your access data again and you will automatically enter your inbox.
  4. Ready! you have just accessed your email inbox.

Enter directly to your Outlook or Hotmail email, for this you must log in from the web. Once you finish the session, you will appear in the inbox with your received messages. Always remember that you can add the access url to your favorites bar, thus, it will only be a matter of pressing it to access quickly. Here are the steps to access your email inbox:

  1. Access https://outlook.live.com/owa/?nlp=1 to log in to the Outlook or Hotmail service.
  2. Enter your email , your password and press « Login «.
  3. Ready! you will now be able to see the inbox of your Outlook email account.

In the unlikely event that the above does not happen, you can try accessing https://outlook.live.com/mail/inboxor by clicking on “Inbox” on the left side of the panel. This will force the browser to go to your mailbox.

Sign in to Hotmail / Outlook with the mobile app (Android / iOS)

Outlook (or commonly Hotmail) allows you to log in from any mobile device, be it Android or iOS, as long as you previously download the official Outlook application. To download, install, and log in to Outlook with your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Install the application and then open it , to continue, press ” Introduction “.
  2. In ” Add account ” you must enter your Outlook email address (although it also supports emails from other services, such as “Gmail”, “Yahoo” and even a mail server of your domain -POP / SMTP-), press « Continue «.
  3. Enter your email password and press the button
    1. It will ask you if you want to add more accounts, if you don’t want to, press the « Skip « button .
    2. Congratulations! In a few seconds you will be in your Outlook inbox.

    Once you add the Outlook or Hotmail account, it is important that you activate the notifications to receive notifications of the emails that arrive, so you will not have to log in every time to see if you have received new emails. You can also log in or activate notifications from your mobile browser, for this you must access outlook.com and identify you.

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