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Firstly, Google has introduced a new feature in its popular email service called the Google Now initiative. This is an innovative feature that integrates various elements of the internet along with personalised email service. It gives the user the choice to set up a completely new email address or even sign up for an existing Gmail account under one account name. In case you have already registered an existing Gmail account. All you need to do is sign into your account and visit the Google Now section and set up your new Gmail account. It’s an easy process where a user would be asked to select his/her preferences, enter the desired username and password.


Most importantly, after setting up the new Google account users are required to choose the language, region and select the currency where they want to receive financial transactions. The final step involves selecting the kind of email that they want to receive from their Google account. Like reading, writing and chatting. The Google Now initiative allows you to create a unique username and select the kind of message you would like to receive.

Google Email Account

Secondly, many websites offer free Google email account which helps you to sign up. With Google and begin the process of creating your unique username and account password. If you wish to change the password of your Google account, you may follow the instructions provided on the website for easy access.


Users who sign up with the Google brand get a special welcome email which contains some vital information. All you have to do to check your email is to click on the account icon and it will redirect you to the sign up page.

Why Gmail ?

Thirdly, Users are able to access two kinds of functionalities from their Gmail account: the Google+ Social and Google+ Contacts. The Google+ Social feature helps you share your latest posts and videos with your friends by marking them as read, favorite or a pass. The Google Contacts feature lets you see your profile pictures. You can share any image with anyone who has a Google account. In addition to these features. Google has made it easy for its users to manage their tasks, appointments, calendars and contacts. To add Google+ content, all you have to do is to go to the add tab and select “Google+ Basics”.


In conclusion, users can create an unlimited number of accounts, and each account has the same features as each other. The two main account types are Private and Public. With a Private account, you are able to send email to people who don’t sign up for your mailing list. You can only read their emails if they have signed up as your friend. With a Public account, anyone can read your emails. For more details, see the Google Mailing Guide.

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